This isn’t just any Saturday, it’s SMU Football Saturday.

SMU Football offers the best entertainment in Dallas. From cheering your Mustangs as they take the field to joining the Pony Battle Cry, you won’t want to miss it.

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SMU Football games are full of tradition. Whether you’re a graduate or not, you can’t help but feel the spirit on the Hilltop!


The Mustang Band is the hub of SMU spirit, standing throughout Mustang football and basketball games and cheering the Ponies on until the final whistle. 

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If you think you’re going to hear the same old gimmicky jazz arrangements at our games, think again. The Mustang Band built its reputation by turning out high-keyed, precision, driving, articulate, genuine jazz. We play it full and loud, with all the gusto of three or four stage bands blowing at the same time. Listen to the Mustang Band play our fight song and make sure you clap along to the “Beans” drum cadence when you come to the game!

With more than 29 different uniforms made up of varying combinations of pants, shirts, coats, and ties, the Mustang Band is known as "The Best-Dressed Band in the Land." To earn and uphold the Mustang Band's reputation, band members wear one uniform for the pregame performance, and change just before halftime to another one for all Mustang football games.


Each time SMU makes a touchdown you’ll see Peruna and his handlers take the field. The feisty black Shetland pony is the eighth in a succession of living mascots named after a potent "medicine" of the prohibition era. Peruna I, a gift from Cy Barcus and Ray Morrison (the Band Director and Football Coach at the time), made his first appearance on November 4, 1932, at an SMU football game against Texas A&M. From Peruna II to the present, our mascot has been donated and cared for through an endowment opened by the Culwell family. Peruna is the ultimate embodiment of the Mustang spirit on the campus. He also has the distinction of being the only mascot in history to kill another college’s mascot (sorry, Fordham).  In 2012, Peruna ranked #2 on the Bleacher Report’s list of “Nation’s Best Live Mascots.”

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